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  • New Vibration Head I-Class
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New Vibration Head I-Class

The new generation of the "I-Class" vibration heads extends the powerful "M-Class" vibration heads that BRANSON has successfully introduced years ago.

The new generation of the "I-Class" vibration heads is based on the already patented PMT technology (Programmable Motion Control) and extends the powerful "M-Class" vibration heads that had already been introduced  successfully years ago.

The new "I-Class" vibration heads are even more powerful and additionally offer a compact and scalable platform for small to medium applications up to 70 kg tool weight at simultaneously increased weld-surface power.

The individually adjustable "I-Class" modules can be flexibly configured for different tool weights and powers, in particular for the small and medium vibration welding machines.

The thorough implementation of "standard components" such as coils and springs reduces the storage of different parts and components, which in turn results in an enormous customer advantage, in this case, in the form of reaction times. Furthermore, the patented PMT concept is implemented now continuously in all systems by the "I-Class", which contributes to a better power and energy balance as well as a quicker amplitude regulation for the vibration welding machines. For this new development, the "compatibility" of already available tools stood in the forefront; i.e. available tools can be adapted without a problem to the new generation of the vibration heads. The new "I-Class" vibration heads find application in the vibration welding machines M-5i1H /Hi, M-5i2H /Hi as well as the M-5i3H / Hi.