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  • Branson Technology Days in Switzerland
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Branson Technology Days in Switzerland

Branson Technology Days in Chexbres, Switzerland

From 14-16 June 2016 Branson Ultrasonics, a business of Emerson, held a technology workshop for a select group of customers in Chexbres, Switzerland. As a provider of several joining technologies for plastics, in a wide range of industries, this Branson event is the first to concentrate solely on the medical industry.

By providing a variety of workshops and presentations, Branson’s experts gave a deep overview about laser and ultrasonic welding. Besides general technology information, the focus was on specific requirements for joining devices in the medical industry, such as FDA regulations, unique device identification and particulate-free joints. Additionally, Branson’s Applications Engineers were on hand to advise on how to create weld joints for medical devices taking into account the special needs of each customer. Branson also showed demonstrations on its laser welding machine 3G and special ultrasonic welding equipment for SMED. Six external presenters completed the agenda by providing information on various topics, including Industry 4.0.

Lastly, workshop attendees and Branson experts visited together the Salon International in Geneva, where the SMT (Swiss Medical Technology) took place – the exhibition’s emphasis was around medical technology.

Summing up, the event turned out to be an occasion for industry leaders to be updated on today’s state of the art technologies in plastics joining technologies as well as in the future trends of plastics welding.

Further Branson Technology Days with focus on several other segments like automotive or packaging are already planned.