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Market Segments


Plastics make a major contribution to today´s vehicles and have an important role in helping the automotive industry meet tomorrow´s challenges. Plastics replacing conventional materials because they provide the versatility that designers seek, deliver the functionality that engineers demand, and help contribute to the safety and environmental value that consumers expect. Therefore this market segment especially is in the domain of plastics joining. Components can be found in the engine compartment, on the dashboard, in the passenger compartment, as well as the chassis and elsewhere.

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In the past years Branson was able to achieve considerable growth in the area of household appliance mechanics by employing innovative technologies and conducting numerous tests with new and revolutionary applications. The joining processes in the area of household appliances concern inside as well as outside components, whereby the latter must suffice high aesthetic demands of modern household appliances in addition to leakage and reliability requirements.

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B & C Electronics

Nowhere is our technological lead more obvious than in Business and Consumer Electronics. Our strength lies in recognizing the demands of a rapidly growing and highly competitive market. Branson offers low cost welding systems with the advantage of years of experience, especially in the development for products with short life cycles.

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Food Processing

Food processing technologies also occupy their own chapter in the story of Branson. World-wide industrial food production often requires quick slicing and partitioning of foodstuffs. Branson's cutting units perform this rapidly and hygienically and are perfectly integratable into production lines. They are put into operation in food processing plants, industrial bakeries and dairies. Today, Branson has food manufacturing customers all over the world.

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The spectrum of products is especially large in the highly competitive field of medical technology. Medical device manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to bring quality products to market faster than the competition. This requires creatively compressing the development cycle and choosing an appropriate assembly process. The challenge to perfect a final product presents numerous opportunities to improve the development process from choosing the right assembly processes and creating a feasible part/joint design to optimizing process and operating procedures. Branson meets these challenges through various plastic joining technologies.

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Branson's experience in the packaging industry encompasses food and beverage, consumer, and medical packaging and we are continually broadening our horizons. Branson has helped many companies become more productive and efficient, and would like to do the same for you.

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Today's textile and nonwoven market is so complex that fields of application, production techniques and technologies for further processing as well as the variety of new products are difficult to grasp, even for specialists. The variety of new composite materials of fleece, paper, film, and fabric as well as the numerous possibilities in term of combinations has one requirement in common: a safe and reliable process.

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Metal Welding

Branson is the world leader in ultrasonic metal joining. We have worked with industries in many markets, including automotive, battery, refrigeration, electrical, medical, and appliance. Our long experience has given us a broad base of applications knowledge. Ultrasonic metal welding provides a sound solution, superior performance, improved throughput, and reduced maintenance. We show you how we can provide high-quality parts for you with the latest in ultrasonic metal welding technologies.

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