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B & C Electronics

Nowhere is our technological lead more obvious than in Business and Consumer Electronics. Our strength lies in recognizing the demands of a rapidly growing and highly competitive market. Branson offers low cost welding systems with the advantage of years of experience, especially in the development for products with short life cycles.

Business and Consumer Electronics

We understand the requirements of this fast-growing, fiercely competitive, and technologically driven market. Branson provides with its know how low cost assembly options with short development and product life cycles. The very nature of this industry makes our processes a cost-effective option for many manufacturers, who in turn can pass their cost savings onto the consumer in the form of competitively-priced, quality products.


Save Time and Money

We understand your need to reduce your new product time-to-market while achieving high-volume production runs - quickly and economically. When product life cycles are months as opposed to years, a few days or even hours of production time can be crucial in determining your success in the marketplace. We offer:

  • Many years of experience in new part design for assembly
  • Help in designing and modifying parts for cost reduction
  • Troubleshooting expertise
  • Testing - structural, drop tests, material feasibility, and more
  • A plethora of assembly processes to handle any application
  • Global approach to design and support

From providing help in designing parts to providing technology and equipment, Branson is there!


Product on the Shelf - Fast!

All of our processes offer the benefit of being faster, less expensive, and safer than the consumables (i.e., adhesives or fasteners) you may be currently using. The right process depends on your application. 

All of our product lines guarantee fast, economical and reliable solutions, in comparison with conventional joining procedures.


Examples of Applications for Branson Assembly Solutions include

  • Battery cells
  • Communication components (digital cameras, cell phones, modems etc.)

  • Navigation systems

  • Office automation cartridges

  • Storage media

  • Consumer electronics