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Food Processing

Food processing technologies also occupy their own chapter in the story of Branson. World-wide industrial food production often requires quick slicing and partitioning of foodstuffs. Branson's cutting units perform this rapidly and hygienically and are perfectly integratable into production lines. They are put into operation in food processing plants, industrial bakeries and dairies. Today, Branson has food manufacturing customers all over the world.

Today, Branson has food manufacturing customers all over the world cutting products such as cakes, pies, granola bars, cheese, pizza dough, confectionery products, bread, gum, candy and even licorice. Clean cuts through multiple layers produce visual appeal. Fillers, such as nuts or raisins, are cut cleanly and produce less fragmentation than with conventional cutting methods. Depending upon the type of product, ultrasonic can even used to reshape and reform. Advantages range from increased blade life to cleaner product cut surfaces, to the most important: reduced down time for cleaning.


Applying Ultrasonic Technology to Food-Cutting Processes 

We develop solutions for the food industry and also supply and support installations in some of major food manufacturers.  As a leading provider of food processing equipment, technology and services to the food industry, Branson products are specially designed for efficient operation and increased productivity.

Nowadays, ultrasonic cutting is used by all world-wide main food industry groups and the advantages of this technology are well known and can also increase when specific problems have to faced, i.e.:

  • Multilayer products with different density with requested high speeds for production
  • Sticky products such as cheese, jam and sugar caramel
  • Non-deformation of the products (no crushing or discharges)
  • Less breaking of dry materials


Advantages and Benefits of Ultrasonic Cutting Systems Incorporated into a Food Manufacturing Line


Ultrasonic Advantages

  • Ultrasonic equipment provides a new way to cut, slice, divert, align or transfer a variety of food products that streamlines production, minimizes product waste and lowers maintenance costs
  • The cutting stress is 10 times lower than the traditional mechanical one. This yields to less friction on the cutting surface and smoother penetration of item being cut results in less product waste with reduced cutting force
  • Cleaner and better cut quality of layered food products (prevents smearing and crushing of layers)
  • No cool-down and removal of product that adheres to the blade
  • Ultrasonic cutting allows for faster production speeds, as ultrasonic vibrations prevent material from sticking to tooling
  • Increased productivity with improved cut quality
  • Faster, more efficient and effective cutting
  • One of the many advantages of using this cutting technique is that the knife is self-cleaning due to the ultrasonics which are transmitted from the generator
  • Ability to slice or portion products which other equipment cannot process


The Paybacks

  • Not too high investments in comparison to other technologies (water cutting)
  • Significant reduction in down times for sanitation
  • Ultrasonic systems easily make it possible for cutting operations to be automated
  • Less manual intervention in the cutting operation
  • Enhancement of the perceived value of the end product
  • Pave the way for new products to be introduced on the market
  • Low maintenance of the system because it requires no production stops to clean the blades


Clean, sharp cutting of a wide range of products:

  • Cheese
  • Liquor & layer cakes
  • Cream slices
  • Candy`s
  • Chocolate bar
  • Meat Pies & Fish
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate
  • Chewing gum
  • Meringues
  • Ice cream cakes
  • Cookies
  • Bread roll
  • Pizza
  • Licorice
  • Sandwiches