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The spectrum of products is especially large in the highly competitive field of medical technology. Medical device manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to bring quality products to market faster than the competition. This requires creatively compressing the development cycle and choosing an appropriate assembly process. The challenge to perfect a final product presents numerous opportunities to improve the development process from choosing the right assembly processes and creating a feasible part/joint design to optimizing process and operating procedures. Branson meets these challenges through various plastic joining technologies.

Branson advises these customers on the selection of appropriate joining processes. The aspiration to successfully and repeatedly bring to market economically manufactured, top quality products motivates Branson for the sake of it customers in the medical field to constantly review and improve its own processes.

Few industries are as competitive and as dependent on producing quality products while optimizing manufacturing costs and reducing time to market as the medical industry. Branson is providing medical manufacturers with the tools they need cost effectively and on schedule.


The spectrum comprises among other things:


  • Pump filters
  • Blood filters
  • Cardiometry filters
  • Diagnostic test filters



  • Blood donation kits
  • Dialysis tubes
  • Tube & needle packaging
  • Subclavian catheters



  • Disposable closthing
  • Body fluid bag covers
  • Protective masks
  • Leg and arm covers



  • Blood basins
  • Testing trays
  • Pump cylinders
  • Manifolds



  • Surgical staplers
  • Volumetric pumps
  • Insulin programmers
  • Profusion devices



  • Intraocular lenses
  • Sensor components
  • Fluid delivery systems
  • Dialysis systems