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Metal Welding

Branson is the world leader in ultrasonic metal joining. We have worked with industries in many markets, including automotive, battery, refrigeration, electrical, medical, and appliance. Our long experience has given us a broad base of applications knowledge. Ultrasonic metal welding provides a sound solution, superior performance, improved throughput, and reduced maintenance. We show you how we can provide high-quality parts for you with the latest in ultrasonic metal welding technologies.

Branson Metal Welding Europe

Ultrasonic metal welding is a Branson speciality and it is active in the appliance, automotive, battery, electric and electronic industries.

Beside plastics welding, joining of metals, specifically nonferrous metals used in electrical connections, is a particularly useful application of ultrasonic technology. Commonly used techniques involving the fusion of metal through the application of heat by flame, hot tools, electric current or electric arc in combination with cleaning and fluxing agents and sometimes filler metals are able to join these materials but the characteristics of these processes and the materials to be joined are at odds with one another. Ultrasonic welding of nonferrous metals in electrical connections has been demonstrated to eliminate most, if not all, of these problems. In fact, ultrasonic welding of metals is rapidly becoming the process of choice by informed design and manufacturing engineers. Actual applications and operating cost comparisons will illustrate the degree of acceptance and the inherent advantages of ultrasonic metal welding for wiring and interconnection applications.

From view of our specialists ultrasonic metal welding divides into four main application ranges:

  • Ultraweld - Spot welders
  • Ultrasplice - Wire splicers
  • Ultraseal - Tube sealers
  • Ultraseam - Metal seam welder