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Today's textile and nonwoven market is so complex that fields of application, production techniques and technologies for further processing as well as the variety of new products are difficult to grasp, even for specialists. The variety of new composite materials of fleece, paper, film, and fabric as well as the numerous possibilities in term of combinations has one requirement in common: a safe and reliable process.

Flexible welding and cutting technology for a flexible market

Using ultrasonics no consumables such as glue, staples or sewing thread are needed. The fabric remains intact, because no external thermal energy is directed into the fleece. Position, shape and displacement of the welding points can even support the desired properties of the composite. BRANSON represents more than 60 years of competence in ultrasonic systems. Just as long, these systems have been successfully applied in the textile industry.


Decisive Advantages:

  • low energy consumption on account of high efficiency
  • no commodity materials such as glue, clips, or yarn
  • no rejects in case of shut-down of the systern
  • no heat radiation, no danger of material damage
  • consistent quality of the weld
  • smooth cut edges without enlargement when parting
  • no response time for systerm control
  • power emissions compared to thermal processes
  • short process cycles