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More than sixty years in the plastics joining industry has given Branson the knowledge and expertise needed to meet the specialized requirements of the markets we serve. In order to provide our customers with the most innovative and cost effective solutions Branson continually explores new methods of joining plastics. Our portfolio includes the industry's most comprehensive offering of plastics joining technologies as well as a knowledge base of applications and experience second to none.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasound is a very economic welding technology, suited especially for common consumer products that are mass produced and meant for short product life cycles. The welding time is below a second. The process needs little maintenance and is ecological because no further resources – such as solvents or cements – are required. With ultrasound you can weld, shape, rivet, flange, embed or spot weld.

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Vibration Welding

Vibration welding is a friction welding which means producing heat through mechanical friction between a linear moving work piece and a stationary component. The motion stopped after sufficient material melted. Then the plastic solidifies and forms a permanent bond. Almost all thermoplastic can be welded as well as glass filled or fiber-reinforced material and some material combinations. This technology is perfect for large, unregular formed parts.

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Clean Vibration Technology - CVT (Vibration Welding)

Branson’s M624HRi vibration welding systems deliver higher frequency and higher power for clean welding.

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Contoured Infrared Technology - CIT (Infrared Welding)

In accordance with our philosophy - A World of Options Branson offers now standard and custom-made infrared machines for efficient production to meet market demands. More information on how infrared (IR) heating can be used for different industry segments & applications are demonstrated by Branson - New Branson IR technology enables 3-D contours to be welded.

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Contoured Laser Technology - CLT (Laser Welding)

Branson continually explores new methods of joining plastics. Our Laser Assembly Systems are based on passing laser radiation through one plastic component and absorbing the energy at the weld interface. This absorption results in the heating and melting of the interface, and with the application of a controlled clamp force the parts are joined. The major breakthrough in Laser technology is the ability to illuminate the entire welding surface simultaneously. Recognizing that laser welding is becoming one of the most anticipated means of joining plastics Branson introduces the newest additions to our Laser product line, the Radiance® Series.

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