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  • Contoured Infrared Technology - CIT (Infrared Welding)
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Contoured Infrared Technology - CIT (Infrared Welding)

In accordance with our philosophy - A World of Options Branson offers now standard and custom-made infrared machines for efficient production to meet market demands. More information on how infrared (IR) heating can be used for different industry segments & applications are demonstrated by Branson - New Branson IR technology enables 3-D contours to be welded.


Heating and melting during radiation welding of plastics via broad-band infrared emitters are based upon the absorption of non-reflected radiation energy by the polymer matrix and the fillers contained therein.

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Contoured Infrared Technology (CIT)

The IR-80/50 Si is a compact welding machine especially designed for infrared welding of medium-sized plastic parts. It enables production of neat and clean joints with low-viscous polymers, which are difficult to obtain by means of conventional hot-plate welding due to adhesion of molten material to the heated element. This is why the IR-80/50 Si is especially suitable for applications made of high temperature-resistant plastic in the automotive, medical and electrical industries. In contrast, the IR-170/80 S is dedicated to welding larger components, as for example dashboards, and realizing the required joint strengths, cycle times and high optical demands for the plastic grades used (e.g. PP-LGF, PC/ABS or SMA).

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The metal foil used in Branson emitters operates with an emission spectrum of a medium to long wave range (λ = 2.0..8.0 μm) and therefore perfectly covers the optical characteristics of all frequently used plastics. Whilst laser transmission welding is based on the absorption effect of special pigments, the infrared emitters that are used in this process are capable of heating unfilled, reinforced or even coloured formulations.

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A variety of successfully realized applications in the automotive, electrical, medical and household appliance sectors clearly demonstrates the following benefits: Infrared welding with medium-wave metal-foil emitters is an excellent solution for reliable production of welded plastic parts and achieving accurate, particle-free joints with a high mechanical load capacity. Especially suitable are moldings made of polyolefins (PP, PE), technical polymers or synthetic materials with an amorphous and semi-crystalline structure as well as high-temperature thermoplastics.

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