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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasound is a very economic welding technology, suited especially for common consumer products that are mass produced and meant for short product life cycles. The welding time is below a second. The process needs little maintenance and is ecological because no further resources – such as solvents or cements – are required. With ultrasound you can weld, shape, rivet, flange, embed or spot weld.


Ultrasonic welding is a rapid and economical technique for joining plastic parts. It is an excellent technique for assembly of mass produced, high quality products in plastic materials.

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Standard System

Based on the diverse welding applications BRANSON offers an appropriately complete range of ultrasonic joining systems and components. Thus the power supplies where designed for the standardized frequency ranges of 20, 30, and 40 kHz with outputs up to 4000 Watt.

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Automation & OEM

All Branson products may be configured for automation, from simple stand-alone systems to fully-integrated production systems. Branson has a Systems Group with the knowledge and experience to assist you with your automation needs. Branson nurtures OEM partnerships, working with customers to implement new technology, and/or retrofit existing equipment and designs. Branson's ultrasonic equipment is easily adapted to automated systems

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Special Systems

BRANSON has developed a new concept for large-part ultrasonic customized machine by consequently employing modular technology. Thus it is possible to provide an optimum response to the increasing demands of the automotive industry and its suppliers.

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There's no guesswork with a Branson horn. Whether you are laminating textiles, staking or inserting electrical components, or assembling life support systems in a cleanroom environment, we offer the widest selection of horns available today. Just tell us your application and we will provide the horn that meets your specifications.

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