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  • Standard System
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Standard System

Based on the diverse welding applications BRANSON offers an appropriately complete range of ultrasonic joining systems and components. Thus the power supplies where designed for the standardized frequency ranges of 20, 30, and 40 kHz with outputs up to 4000 Watt.

New Ultrasonic Assembly System 2000Xc

The 2000Xc system is the newest addition to Branson’s 2000X series of Ultrasonic Assembly Systems. The 2000Xc combines precise and consistent high quality welds, fast cycle times, and the process control needs of today’s manufacturing environment.

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Series 2000X

The versatile combination possibilities of series 2000X allow the user to configure a tailor-made system for his special welding application. Depending on the process requirements you can choose from four different power supplies and three press units offering rising functionality.

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Integrated Welder

The integrated welder 2000IW+ is a self-contained ultrasonic plastics assembly system that combines a power supply module, process controls, and welding stand in a compact bench unit. The system is available with power output of 1100 or 2200 Watts at 20 kHz working frequency.

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Hand-Held System

The LPX family of low power systems are Branson's latest offering for applications with power requirements of 550 Watts or less. The LPX utilizes Branson's circuitry with closed loop amplitude control to provide maximum process control.

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