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  • Linear Vibration Welding
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Linear Vibration Welding

Linear vibration welding is a friction welding which means producing heat through mechanical friction between a linear moving work piece and a stationary component. The motion stopped after sufficient material melted. Then the plastic solidifies and forms a permanent bond. Almost all thermoplastic can be welded as well as glass filled or fiber-reinforced material and some material combinations.


In linear vibration welding the materials are placed in contact and put under pressure. An external vibration force is then applied to move the pieces relative to each other, perpendicular to the pressure being applied. The parts are vibrated through relatively small displacement amplitude, typically at 0.9 mm for a frequency of vibration of 240 Hz (high frequency), or 2 mm at 100 Hz (low frequency), in the plane of the joint.

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New powerful vibration welders like the M-series developed from BRANSON opens a new range of applications. So big welding areas and high welding pressures could be realised by compact vibration welders working with high power efficiency. The modular concept of the M-series results in a big range of vibration welders, optimized in size and power to the application. The PPL+ drives achieve maximum power efficiency within a big tooling and application range.

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Tooling and Samples

Our specialists in fixture construction ensure the optimal configuration and design of the holding fixtures. The electronic equipment of our vibration welding systems is modern, reliable, and user friendly. Typical applications for under the hood and in the vehicle interieur and exterieur parts handled by these welding systems include:

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